May 13, 2020


By Biqing Chen

Our feet support tremendous daily pressure and weight, making them susceptible to injury, fatigue, microorganisms, and infections that can spread throughout the body. Unfortunately, few of us provide proper preventive care for our hardworking feet. In order to maintain healthy feet one must focus on a variety of goals that include muscle and pain relief, protection against bacterial and fungal infections as well as optimal hydration.

As we get older, the feet tend to lose their protective fat, which, together with free-radical damage from photoaging, can cause the once soft and smooth skin to become wrinkled, leathery, and to lose its natural elasticity. These factors not only deteriorate the appearance of the feet—they can erode our overall health and vitality.

octors are now discovering that targeted natural agents such as essential oils and botanical extracts can help energize and protect our depleted feet. The results are healthier feet with a more youthful appearance that are shielded against infectious invaders.

A feat of natural structural engineering, your feet serve as both a shock absorber and propulsion engine that are capable of withstanding incredible stresses.1 Not surprisingly, to support this daily pressure, they contain over 25% of all the body’s bones and have the thickest skin of all your body parts.

Yet despite their natural padding and cushioning layer of fat, they are also extremely sensitive since the soles of the feet contain more pressure-sensitive nerve endings than any other part of the body. These tactile nerve endings also occupy more room in the sensory cortex of the brain than the entire torso.