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Why Choose BIKINIV Professional Gua Sha Therapy Tool?
Meridian | Gua Sha | Reflexology | Detox
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Precise Acupoint
  • Cover Wide Area
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Double Face with Concave and Convex
  • Trilateral Gua Sha Edge
  • Carbonized Wood-No Chemicals
  • More Effective Treatment, Save Strength and Time

    Gua sha is an easy-to-acquire and highly useful health therapy

    1. The Governor Meridian is in the center of the spine, is the channel of the Brain, nourishing the Brain for symptoms such as dizziness or poor memory, runny nose, headache, fever, and stiff neck. Also treat deeper channels of energy in the body.
    2. And on both sides is the urinary bladder meridian. The bladder meridian is the longest meridian and the largest detoxification channel, If there is a problem in the bladder meridian, fatigue and backache symptoms will be the most obvious signs.

    You need BIKINIV professional deep-massage scraping tools

    You need BIKINIV professional deep-massage scraping tools

    to Gua Sha moves, circulates, and releases blood trapped in the peripheral capillaries. Unblock the meridians and promotion blood circulation, move the toxins towards the surface of the skin. Any pain, spasm, or tightness in the muscles is immediately relieved by this new circulation of blood.

    Two import meridians on the back

    1. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the back is one of the four main health cultivation of the human body. The health of the back often reflects the functioning of the internal organs of the human body.
    2. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there are two important meridians on the back: Governor Vessel and the Bladder Meridian. The Du Mai(Governor Meridian) is located in the middle of the spine, and nourishes and moves the yang energy within the body, and influences all of the yang meridians; bladder meridian is located on both sides of the spine, and the Back shu points are distributed from top to bottom, a total of 12 points. Back shu point is an important acupuncture point for the infusion of qi from the internal organs and six fu organs into the lower back, and it is also a place where wind-cold and exogenous pathogens can easily invade.

    3. Shiatsu Massage Acupoint Head: Acupressure massage therapy is often used as a complementary treatment along with other health care modalities.Practitioners will press on specific points to promote energy flow to a part of the body that is experiencing disease or discomfort, enabling it to heal more quickly.The two ways acupressure points work in the treatment: Local Points and Trigger Points

    1. There are nine main meridians in the human chest abdomen. Gua Sha is the simplest and most effective method of detoxification. For all chronic diseases, the corresponding blocking point can be found in the abdomen.

    2. The back is yang and the abdomen is yin. "The abdomen is the place where the five internal organs live. There are liver, spleen, stomach, gallbladder, large intestine, small intestine, kidney, bladder, and other organs distributed, so the abdomen is called: "The palace of the five internal organs, the source of yin and yang, qi and blood." "

    3. Gua sha down your sternum, across your ribs, and down your abdomen can treat or prevent a tight chest, digestive problems, back issues, constipation, bloating, etc.

    4. All these so-called alarm points ( Front Mu) lie on the front or side of the torso.

    5. If sore to pressure they may indicate a problem with the corresponding zang-fu organ. By a problem, we don’t necessarily mean a major problem: for example if your Lung Alarm point is sore to pressure, it could just mean you have a respiratory infection – a cold perhaps.

    6. Gua Cha can help improve your body's blood circulation to the point where it can lead to weight loss.

    1. Professional Gua Sha Edge Design

    Trilateral Gua sha Edge, Two Deep Groove, More EfficiencyThree-Channel Gua sha Edge with thin on both outsides and round on middle to achieve quick toxins out. Round in the middle used for massage and both sides bevel edge design to dredge the meridians and heal naturally, saving energy and time.

    2. Scrapping Skin Wide, Saving of Time and Labour

    Double-handled, and rub contact wide-area with skin design which makes the operator easier and more labor-saving compared to the traditional gua sha tools.

    3. Ergonomic Design More Effective Treatment, Save Strenghth

    Double-handled design, which makes the operator easier and more labor-saving compared to the traditional gua sha tools.According to principles of Chinese medicine and physics, combined with the physical structure, the identification of the human meridian muscles, and the adjustment of the spine point design.

    1. Benefits of Carbonized Wood

    Carbon is everywhere, and also is the second most abundant element in the human body, about 12 percent of your body’s atoms are carbon. after the charring process will be broken down out elemental carbon, this carbon elemental is good for the body. The charring process also provides its rustic, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing appearanceIt makes the wood more resistant to the elements. Water Resistance/Vermin protection/Higher Life Expectancy. Without any preservatives or chemical additives. It has good anti-corrosion and insect-proof functions, has no special smell, is not easy to absorb water. It is resistant to moisture, not easy to deform, real solid wood texture, 100% environmentally friendly.

    2. Ingenious Craftsmanship

    Cutting and Forming, Coarse Grinding, Fine Grinding,Multiple Processes and Fine Polishing process, Good Texture, Smooth and Round,No Burrs,Safety and Durable.

    A few pointers:

    When you use BIKINIV gua sha therapy tools to press-stroke and scraping your skin, it shouldn’t be painful. If in doubt, start very gently which is enough to effectively bring up a "Sha".
    We associate redness with bruising and pain in the West, but in this instance, it’s in fact healing and satisfying. Most people feel a sense of weightlessness, pain relief, greater energy, and many even report feeling ‘lighter’ after a treatment session.
    The position, color, and form of the redness (or "Sha") can vary according to the area, degree, and nature of a health problem in the body. For this reason, Gua Sha can also be an indicator of what’s going on internally. The "Sha" will vary from light brown to almost black, depending on the level of toxicity in your body.
    For example:
    Red – a recent invasion of external disease
    Dark red – heat, inflammation, or acidity in the local area
    Purple or very dark red – long-standing stagnation and damaged tissue.
    Darker skin tones will show less Sha than lighter skin tones; it will still be there, just harder to see.